Acil servislerde hasta memnuniyeti: Ne? Ne kadar? Nasıl?

  • Hakan Topaçoğlu
  • Özgür Karcıoğlu
  • Murat Özsaraç
  • Arif Hikmet Çımrın

Eurasian J Emerg Med 2004;3(3):47-53

Patient satisfaction is an indicator of the quality of care provided by the emergency department personnel. Although there are myriad definitions about patient satisfaction, the most favorable description can be that to meet patients' expectation of care and their treatment or to achieve beyond those. Patient satisfaction is a concept that has been receiving increasing attention in the literature of emergency medicine. Efforts to enhance patients' understanding of their care and processes of care improve patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is also the major determinant predicting the loyalty of the patient to the facility and a factor decreasing the number of liability cases against the personnel and institution.

This paper represents a review of factors that affect patient satisfaction in the emergency departments which are the front doors of hospitals serving continuously 24 hours a day.

Keywords: Patient satisfation, emergency medicine, hospital management